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Télécharger le fichierPr. Max-Emanuel GEIS
He holds the Chair of Public Law at the Institute for Constitutional and Administrative Law at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. Moreover, he founded the Centre for Academic and University Law and acts as its director. In addition to his work as a member of the Evaluation Committee of the National Council for Science, he provides expert opinions in the field of public constitutional law. His main areas of research include academic and university law, local government law and constitutional law. He has published numerous works in these fields both as an author and an editor. His most prominent works include : State-supported culture and cultural freedom. An examination of Huber’s concept of a cultural state (Kulturstaat) from a constitutional point of view, Baden-Baden 1990 (Kulturstaat und kulturelle Freiheit. Eine Untersuchung des Kulturstaatskonzepts von Ernst Rudolf Huber aus verfassungsrechtlicher Sicht) ; Public subsidies on self-help centred welfare – constitutional foundations and administrative provisions, Baden-Baden 1997 (Die öffentliche Förderung sozialer Selbsthilfe – Verfassungsrechtliche Grundlagen und verwaltungsrechtliche Ausgestaltung) ; Secondary employment of university teaching staff, Heidelberg 2004 (Die Nebentätigkeit der Hochschullehrerinnen und Hochschullehrer) ; Local government law, Munich 2008 (Kommunalrecht) ; Academic and university law in the free state of Bavaria, Heidelberg 2009 (Hochschulrecht im Freistaat Bayern) ; Constitutional Law, Heidelberg 2010 (Staatsrecht). Lien externe - Ouverture dans une nouvelle fenêtreen savoir plus

Universtät Erlangen-Nürnberg
Institut für Staats und Verwaltungrecht
Schillerst. 1
D - 91.054 Erlangen Deutschland

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Télécharger le fichierDr. Ferdinand XHAFERAJ
Dr. Ferdinand Xhaferaj is the Head of the Department of Law at “Hëna e Plotë” Bedër University in Albania. His fields of lectures and researches include International Organizations and Institutions, Research Methods, Introduction to Political Sciences. Dr. Xhaferaj has a BA from Tirana University, an MA for National Security and an MA for International Relations from Naval Postgraduate School, USA and PhD from the Defense Academy in National Security. Furthermore, Dr. Xhaferaj has covered high positions in public administration and government of Albania, as Minister of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sports and deputy of Albanian Parliament during 1996- 2001 and 2005 - 2011.

 “Hëna e Plotë” Bedër University
Department of Law

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Télécharger le fichierPr. Herwig REYNAERT
Herwig Reynaert is professor at the Department of Political Science (Ghent University) and dean of the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences. He also is the president of the Centre for Local Politics, Department of Political Science, Ghent University and member of several international and national research networks. His main research interests are in the field of local, provincial and national politics and particularly local political elites, parties and elections, local government reform, comparative local politics and urban politics. He teaches courses on Belgian and local/provincial politics at bachelor and master level. He has published in Local Government Studies, Parliamentary Affairs, Public Management Review, Lex Localis. He is actively involved in the organisation of (inter)national conferences. He is a member of the editorial board of the peer review book series Lokale en Provinciale Politiek, Comparative Local Politics, Burger Bestuur & Beleid. He was/is a member of different editorial boards eg. Croatian and Comparative Public Administration, Res Publica, Burger Bestuur & Beleid. He was/is a referee for different journals e.g. Tijdschrift voor Sociologie, Local Government Studies, Public Administration, Tijdschrift voor Publiek Recht, Scandinavian Political Studies. He combines fundamental with applied research and/or advice for local and provincial government and/or related associations and does a lot of media contributions.

Ghent University
Department of Political Science
Ghent - Belgium

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Télécharger le fichierPr. Jean-Benoît PILET
(Wallonia and Brussels - capital city)
Professor in political science at the Université Libre de Bruxelles and member of Cevipol research unit (Centre de recherche sur la vie politique). His works mainly focus on Belgian policies, elections, electoral rules, institutional change, local politics and political elites. He is the author of several articles in scientific journals amongst which Études Électorales, Représentation, Politiques Européennes Comparées, la Revue française de science politique, Res Publica, Études Régionales et Fédérales, Études Électorales Européennes et Ethno-politique. Recently, he has published two books in English: Revolution or Renewal? Reforming Local Politics in Europe (Vanden Broele, Brugge, 2005) and Towards DIY-Politics? Participatory and Direct Democracy at a local level in Europe (Vanden Broele, Brugge, 2007), together with Pascal Delwit, Herwig Reynaert and Kristof Steyvers.

Institut d’études européennes
Centre d’étude de la vie politique (CEVIPOL)
Avenue F.-D. Roosevelt 39, CP 172
B 1 050 Bruxelles Belgique

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Télécharger le fichierPr. Margarita SHIVERGUEVA  
Margarita Shivergueva is Professor of Economics at the Department of Political Sciences of the New Bulgarian University in Sofia, Bulgaria, holds the Jean Monnet Chair in European Economic Integration and head of the Jean Monnet Center of European Politics. At present Prof. Shivergueva’s research interests include European economic governance, global governance as well as the developments in the Euro zone, regional policy and European Regional Development Fund. She has published  “UNION ECONOMIQUE ET MONETAIRE: espace  de prospérité et de sécurité” (2008, New Bulgarian University, Sofia, in French, ISBN  978-954-326-087-4). She has chapters in “Public Administration in Post-Communist Countries - Former Soviet Union, Central and Eastern Europe, and Mongolia” (2013, CRC Press Book USA, ISBN 978-1-4398-6137-0), ”Droit de l´Union européenne” (2008, Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia, ISBN  978-80-7160-262-0), “Economic relations in the EU enlargement” (2007, University of Wroclaw, in English, ISBN 978-83-60631-00-3), “La mondialisation et les nouvelles limites du politique”(2005, Nouvelle Université Bulgare, in French, ISBN 954-9699-19-6). Her articles have appeared in "National and European Values of Public Administration in the Balkans" (See Online Series, No. 4/2011, ISBN 978-973-709-567-1), ”Public Administration in the Balkans from Weberian Bureaucracy to New Public Management” (See Online Series, No. 1/ 2011, ISBN 978-973-709-531-2), “European Administrative Space - Balkan Realities”(See Online Series, No. 3/2011, ISBN 978-973-709-552-7), “The Quality of Bureaucracy and Public Sector Performance. A Comparative Study in South-Eastern Europe” (Journal of Public Administration, No.1, China, 2011). Member, Selection Board meeting for the annual Doctoral Theses Competition 2009 of the Committee of the Regions on “Local and regional authorities in the European Union”, November 9, 2009, Brussels, Committee of the Regions and Member, Selection board meeting for scholarships of French Ambassy, 2013-2014. She holds a Ph.D. Degree in Economics from the Institute of World Economy and International Economic Relations to the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria.

New Bulgarian University
Department of Political Science
Ovcha Kupel res. Quarter
Montevideo str. n°21
  Sofia 1618

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Télécharger le fichierDr. Constantinos KOMBOS
Associate professor in public law at the Department of Law, University of Cyprus and graduate of the University of Hull and of the University of Cambridge, he holds a Ph.D. on the constitutional jurisprudence of the ECJ. His research interests include all aspects of constitutional law, with particular emphasis on the comparative element and on the interconnection between national and transnational legal orders. Specialized in EU constitutional law, he is interested in the problems of access to judicial review and in the variable standards of the fundamental rights protection, as well as in the federal structure and in the division of powers between participating legal entities.

University of Cyprus
Law School
University of Nicosia
46 Makedonitissas Ave.
P.O. Box 24005
1700 Nicosia

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Télécharger le fichierPr. Ivan KOPRIC
Professor and head of the Chair of Administrative Science at the Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb, he is the Director of the Department of Public Law and Public Administration at the Faculty of Law University of Zagreb and  Dean of the Social Sciences Polytechnics in Zagreb. His fields of  lectures and researches include administrative science, sociology of public administration, local self-government, comparative administrative systems, organization of public administration and social services, public administration in Croatia. He is the editor of the book series Contemporary Public Administration published by the Social Science Polytechnics in Zagreb, and of the scientific journal Croatian Public Administration. He is a member of the editorial board of two other scientific journals : Review of Social Policy (Zagreb) and Lex Localis (Maribor). In 2009, he was part of the working group who prepared a law project on administrative litigations for the Croatian Ministry of Justice.

Faculty of Law
University of Zagreb
Trg m. Tita 14
10000 Zagreb

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Télécharger le fichierDr. Gerd BATTRUP
Associate professor at the Southern Danish University, she wrote several books and articles on Local Government.

Southern Danish University - University de Roskilde
Center of Democratic - Network Governance
Syddansk Universitet
Campusvej 55
DK - 5230 Odense M

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Télécharger le fichierPr. Angel-Manuel MORENO
Full Professor of Administrative Law at Carlos III University of Madrid, Spain. He holds a PhD in Law (Carlos III U. of Madrid) and an
LLM degree from Harvard Law School. His teaching and research career (in form of several books, articles and chapters in collective book) covers different topics in the domain of Public Law : Administrative Law in general, Environmental Law, EU Law and Local Government Law, especially from a comparative perspective. In this latter field he has co-authored and edited the collective book « Local Government in the Member States of the European Union : a comparative legal perspective » (2012). He is a member of the Group of Independent Experts of the Council of Europe on the European Charter on Local Self-Government and a member of the “Avosetta” European network of environmental lawyers. He has been the Director of the National Institute of Public Administration of Spain (INAP) and Jean Monnet chair on the law of European integration.

 Departamento de Derecho Público del Estado
 Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
 Calle Madrid, 12
 28903-Getafe - Madrid


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Télécharger le fichierPr. Blanca SORO MATEO
Professor of Administrative Law at the University of Murcia. Doctor in Law from the University of Murcia. Research Aptitude "Current Issues in Administrative Law" Department of Administrative Law. Universidad Complutense (Madrid). Master in Environmental Management and Policy (University Carlos III of Madrid). Her work - essays, articles and books published - covers the general administrative law, environmental law, State Autonomy distribution Skills and Law of the European Union and the Law of Local Government. She teaches at the Universities of Lille 2 and Napolesy University and maintains academic collaborations with several Universities in Argentina and with the University of Guadalajara (Mexico). She is Secretary of the Centre for Studies in Biolaw. She has participated in numerous research projects and national and international conferences. She's evaluator of national and international journals. Directs Bioderecho.es Magazine. She has been director of more than twenty reports of  research.

 Departement of administrative law
Law Faculty
University of Murcia


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Télécharger le fichierDr. Vallo OLLE
Associate professor in administrative law at the Faculty of Law of the University at Tartu. He teaches local government law. He wrote two text-books  (2001, 2004), and several papers that have been published in dedicated journals and some others about administrative law. He is a co-author of the two editions of Comments on the Constitution of the Republic of Estonia (2002, 2008). He wrote his Ph.D. on Exercise of local self-government in the form of direct democracy: local public initiative and referendum (2002). He is one of the Independent Experts on the European Charter of Local Self-Government (Congress of local and regional authorities in Europe (CLRAE), Council of Europe).

University of Tartu
Faculty of Law
Naïtuse 13A-211
50106 Tartu

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 Télécharger le fichierPr. Eija MÄKINEN
Professor of Administrative law (mostly comparative administrative law) at the University of Vaasa. Her main research areas include administrative law,  local government law and town planning law. Her most recent monographs deal with : municipal appeals in 2010 ; the status of municipal  civil servants (2006, in collaboration with K. Hirvonen) ; judicial control on municipal decisions in environmental matters (2004) ;   development agreements and good administration (2000). She is interested in good administration,   administration control, public-private relationships, mostly public contracts and public participation.

Vaasa University
Faculty of public administration
Hallintotieteiden Tiedekunta
PO Box 700
FIN 65 101 Vaasa

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Télécharger le fichierDr. Stéphane GUERARD
As the OLA research project-manager, he wrote his Ph.D. in public law (University of Paris II – Panthéon-Assas). He is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Lille 2 and a member of CERAPS (Centre d’études et de recherches administratives, politiques et sociales, a research-unit (UMR 8026) co-funded by CNRS and the University of Lille II). He is a member of the AIRMAP (international  association of public management) and of the Société Française de législation comparée. He is the author and co-ordinator of various books and papers on local democracy, decentralization and local government law.


University of Lille
Faculty of Political, Legal and Social Sciences
1, place Déliot
59000 Lille

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Télécharger le fichierDr. Nikolaos-Komninos HLEPAS
Associate Professor (Regional Government and Self Government), Department of Political Science and Public Administration. National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
Studied Law in Athens, PhD (Law) in Bremen, Germany. His main teaching and research topics are: Regional Administration and Local Self Government, Comparative Public Administration, Local Public Sector Reforms, Political Leadership, Administrative Modernization, Democracy, Public Law. He has published several books and articles in Greek, English, German and French. He has been Deputy Chair of the Committee that drafted the law on the “Kallikratis” Reform project- Administrative divisions of Greece. He has been the Chairman of the National School of Public Administration and Local Government, in Athens (2010-2012). He is Ordinary Member of the Independent Group of Experts of the Council of Europe – Congress of Local Authorities and Regions (ECLR).

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
Department of Political Science and Public Administration

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Télécharger le fichierDr. Istvan BALÁZS
Head of research group of Administrative Sciences  in HAS Centre of Social Sciences, Institute of Legal Studies. Associate Professor of Administrative Law at the Law Faculty of the University of Debrecen, chair of the Public Administration department. 
Between 1984 – 1985 he received several scholarship from the French Government at the International Institute of Public Administration in Paris.
He carries out research regarding the structure of the government, local authorities and public administration. His research interests are currently focused on the European Administrative Space and European administrative law.
He regularly analyzes the changes of the Hungarian government system in a European comparative context. (i.d: Eastern Europe in transition, the case of Hungary. ActaJuridicaHungarica, 53 (2) /June 2012)

 Debrecen University
Law Faculty
Kassai út 26
H-4028 Debrecen

Institute for Legal Studies of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Országház utca 30
H-1014 Budapest

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Télécharger le fichierDr. Caroline CREAMER
Deputy Director of the International Centre for Local and Regional Development (see www.iclrd.org for further information) and a Research Fellow with the National Institute for Regional and Spatial Analysis (NIRSA) at the National University of Ireland Maynooth. Her research experience and interests include: regional and local development and regeneration, spatial planning practice and policy, collaborative working and participative decision-making, and inter-territorial and cross-border development. She holds a Diploma in Environmental Resources Management from Dublin Institute of Technology, an MA in Geography from NUI Maynooth, an MA in Town and Country Planning from University of the West of England / Open University, and is currently a part-time PhD candidate in NUI Maynooth.

 Deputy Director, International Centre for Local and Regional Development (ICLRD) & Research Fellow, National Inmstitute for Regional and Spatial Analysis
Iontas Building
NUI Maynooth
Co. Kildare

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Télécharger le fichierDr. Brendan O’Keeffe
Dr. Brendan O’Keeffe is a lecturer in Geography at Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick.  He specialises in regional and rural geographies, and he has published extensively on issues of community-led local development, participative governance and grassroots initiatives.  He is a research affiliate of NIRSA (the National Institute for Regional and Spatial Analysis) and the ICLRD (International Centre for Local and Regional Development) and has therefore considerable experience in applied research on cross-border collaboration.  In addition to his academic credentials, Brendan has over ten years’ experience as a development officer with a Local Action Group and he is actively involved with several community and voluntary organisations.

 Mary Immaculate College
University of Limerick


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Télécharger le fichierDr. Magnús Árni Skjöld MAGNUSSON
He is an associate professor at Bifröst University. He served as Vice-Rector and faculty dean at Bifröst School of Business (now Bifröst University) 2001-2006, and rector of Bifröst University 2010-2011. He was a partnerat Capacent Consulting 2009-2008, director of the School of Creative Industries at Keilir, Iceland 2008-2009 and director of the University of Iceland Social Science Research Centre in 2009-2010. He has a PhD in Political Science from the University of Iceland, MPhil in European Studies from the University of Cambridge (UK), MA in International and Development Economics from the University of San Francisco and a BA in Philosophy from the University of Iceland. Magnús has been a board member of several government bodies and NGOs e.g. the Icelandic International Development Agency (ICEIDA), The Icelandic Health Insurance Organization (SjúkratryggingarÍslands) and the National Committee of UN Women in Iceland. Magnús' recent research focus is broadly post-crisis reform in municipalities, Europeanization and European integration. He has also undertaken consulting work for municipalities and municipal organizations.

Bifröst University

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Télécharger le fichierPr. Luciano VANDELLI
Full Professor of Administrative Law and Local Government Law at the University of Bologna. He is also Professor at SPISA (Scuola di specializzazione in studi sull'amministrazione pubblica - Post-Graduate Studies on Public Administration) of the University of Bologna, which he directed from 1997 to 2000. He is the President of the Italian section of the Italian-Spanish Association of administrative law professors ; Member of the Executive Committee of the Institut International des Sciences Administratives - Italian Chapter ; Member of the Scientific Committee of the Institut de la Décentralisation (Paris). He has been member of the government of the Emilia-Romagna Region, of the Province of Bologna and of the Council of Bologna. He is now member of the Council of Administrative justice.

Università di Bologna
Via Zamboni, 27/29
40126 Bologna

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Télécharger le fichierDr Iveta REINHOLDE
Associate professor in public management at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University at Latvia. She is also the Head of Department of Political Sciences.
Her main research areas include administrative reforms, public innovations, local government management and public policies.
She has published on issues of human security and welfare at local level, civil service issues and urban transport policy.
In addition to her academic credentials, she has experience providing international, and government consultancy in the field of public management. She is one of the Independent Experts on the European Charter of Local Self-Government (Congress of local and regional authorities in Europe (CLRAE), Council of Europe).

 Faculty of Social Sciences
University of Latvia
Lomonosova street 1, Riga,
Latvia, LV1019

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Télécharger le fichierPr. Algirdas ASTRAUKAS
Associate Professor in Economics at the Faculty of Administration and the Faculty of Law of the University Mykolas Romeris, Vilnius. He is also an advisor to the Office of the Committee on State Administration and Local Government of Seimas (Parliament) of Lithuania. He was an adviser to the Presidency of the Republic (1994-2000) and Vice-Minister at the Ministry of Interior (2000-2005) on matters related to decentralization. He is also author of various works and articles on the same subject.

Mykolas Romeris University
Public administration Faculty
LT 10.101 Vilnius

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Télécharger le fichierDr. Vaidotas A. VAICAITIS
He has received his legal education at Vilnius University, Faculty of Law (1993) and European Academy of Legal Theory in Brussels (LL.M, 2000). In 2001 has defended PhD thesis at Vilnius University with title of “Constitutional (organic) laws in system of sources of law (comparative study)”.  Civil servant – advisor for the Legal department of the Seimas (1993- 1998), in 2002-2003 he is attorney in law. He is member of the Central Electoral Committee (2008-2012) and of the Permanent commission for the assessment of activities of judges (till now). From 2003 M. Vaičaitis is associated Professor at Vilnius University, Faculty of Law. Research interest: Constitutional Law, Comparative Constitutional Law, Administrative law, Legal theory and history. Teaching activity : Basics of Constitution, Comparative Constitutional Law, Public services, Health law.

Vilnius University
Law Faculty

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Télécharger le fichierDr. Philippe POIRIER
Senior Researcher and Associate professor in political science at the University of Luxembourg where he is in charge of co-ordinating the Lien externe - Ouverture dans une nouvelle fenêtreEuropean Governance Research Program. He is qualified to supervise Ph.D. students in political science. Since September 2006, he has been an Associate Professor in political science at Lien externe - Ouverture dans une nouvelle fenêtreEcole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences de l'Information et de la Communication of the University of Paris-Sorbonne IV where he teaches (as well as at the University of Luxembourg) : European Union institutions and policies, history of economic & political ideas, political and economic governance, comparative European politics and since December 2009 he has also taught at the Lien externe - Ouverture dans une nouvelle fenêtreCollège des Bernardins. Since July 2009, he has co-Chaired with David Wessels (Sophia University, Japan) the Lien externe - Ouverture dans une nouvelle fenêtreReligion and Politics Research Committee of Lien externe - Ouverture dans une nouvelle fenêtreInternational Political Science Association (IPSA). Since July 2008, he has been the general delegate of Lien externe - Ouverture dans une nouvelle fenêtreLuxembourg Political Science Association (Luxpol). His research areas are : comparative European politics, European Union governance, politics and religion in Europe, politics in Luxembourg. He recently issued as co-editor with Sandrine Devaux & René Leboutte : Rome Treaty : Multidisciplinary views,  Peter Lang editions, June 2009.

Université du Luxembourg
Faculté des lettres, des sciences humaines,
des arts et des sciences de l'éducation
Campus Limpertsberg
162 a Avenue de la Faïencerie
L - 1511 Luxembourg

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Télécharger le fichierDr. Isabella CALLEJA
Graduate from the University of Malta with a B.A. (Gen.) in History, Classics and Contemporary Mediterranean Studies and a B.A. (Hons) in History. After she obtained a Chevening scholarship she pursued further studies in the Politics and Government of European States with an emphasis on the Southern dimension and EU politics at the London School of Economics and Political Science where she obtained an M.Sc. on the subject. She completed her studies under the supervision of Dr. Robert Leonardi from the European Institute at the London School of Economics where she obtained her Doctorate in politics. The emphasis of her research was in the field of Democratization and the role of the external domain, indeed attempting to adopt a cross disciplinary approach and merge the field of  Political Science and International Relations. The title of her doctoral dissertation which is a forthcoming publication is : The Role of External Players in Democratization in Southern Europe: The Cases of Malta and Cyprus. She is presently head of the Department of International Relations at the University of Malta where she lectures on International Politics, she teaches courses in politics and governance,  political parties, democratization studies in the Southern Europe and North Africa, and EU politics and External Relations, among others. She has published various papers in her areas of interest including a recent publication on The Political System of Malta for a Commission publication on the 27 member-states of the EU.

University of Malta
Faculty of Arts
Department of International Studies
MSD 2080 Malta

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Télécharger le fichierPr. Kevin AQUILINA
Associate Professor in public law and head of the Department of Media, Communications and Technology Law at the Faculty of Law of the University of Malta. He holds a doctorate of philosophy in law (Ph.D.) from the London School of Economics and Political Science of the University of London and a doctorate in public law from the University of Malta (LL.D.). He lectures on international law, environmental law and administrative law. He has held the office of Chief Executive of the Maltese audiovisual broadcasting regulator – the Broadcasting Authority – and was Chairman of the Planning Appeals Board. Moreover, he is the author of various books, he wrote several reports for Maltese and foreign institutions and has published papers in edited books and articles in peer reviewed journals apart from various contributions to the print and broadcasting media. His books include Development Planning Legislation: The Maltese Experience (Malta : Mireva Publications, May, 1999, XCIII + 616 pp); A List of Maltese Maritime Legislation Together with a Subject Index (Malta : June, 1992, I + 88 pp); a 6 volume compilation of Decisions of the Planning Appeals Board (Malta : Legal Publishing (Enterprises) Ltd., 1995 – 1998 consisting in 1208 p.). His papers have been published in peer reviewed journals such as the Mediterranean Journal of Human Rights, Melita Historica, the BOV Review, Law and Practice, Future Generations Journal and Id-Dritt Law Journal. Furthermore, he is a regular contributor to IRIS – Legal Observations of the European Audiovisual Observatory, of the Council of Europe.

University of Malta
Faculty of Arts
Department of International Studies
MSD 2080 Malta

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Télécharger le fichierDr Maria ORLOV
Doctor in law, Ms. Maria Orlov, is currently professor in public law at the Faculty of Law of State University "Alecu Russo" (Balti - Moldova). President and founding member of the Association - "Institute for administrative sciences of the Republic of Moldova" (ISAM), she organizes, annually, the scientific sessions and international conferences, with publication of scientific papers presented at these conferences in the annually review "Caietul Stiintific" of the ISAM. She is also a member of the editorial board of the Public Law Journal of the Institute for administrative sciences "Paul Negulescu" (Romania). She is the author of numerous articles, books and manuals in public law. The main areas of hers researches concerning in particular : the administrative law, the control in the public administration and administrative justice, local democracy and decentralization.

 State University "Alecu Russo"
Faculty of Law

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Télécharger le fichierNenad KOPRIVICA
he is the Executive Director at the Centre for Democracy and Human Rights - CEDEM, think tank from Montenegro, and a teaching assistant at the Faculty of Political Science, University of Montenegro. He is currently a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Political Science, working on the thesis Political conditions of the Western Balkan integration into European Union. He previously graduated from Faculty of Law, University of Montenegro and also holds the Master degree in European Studies from the University of Bonn, Germany. His major interests are: diplomacy, international political relations and Euro-Atlantic integrations. He was the member of the working group for drafting Montenegrin Law against Discrimination, Country Coordinator for Swiss Peace foundation from 2006-2008 and the President of YATA Association 2007-2008 and currently member of the working group for drafting Montenegrin Law on asylum. He is also a member of the BiEPAG (The Balkans in Europe Policy Advisory Group).

University of Montenegro

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Télécharger le fichierPr. Dag Ingvar JACOBSEN
Professor in political science and public management, Mr. Jacobsen is currently head of the department of Political Science and Management at the University of Agder (Kristiansand).  His research interests focus on management of local service provision, organizational change and leadership in public/political organizations. His latest finalized research project treated inter-municipal cooperation to provide services and solve border crossing problems. He has published several books on local government in Norway and public management (only in Norwegian), as well as articles in journals such as Governance, Public Administration, European Journal of Political Research, International review of Administrative Sciences, Local Government Studies, and Lex Localis. He is currently working on a project comparing leadership in public and private organizations.

University of Agder
of Political Science and Management

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Télécharger le fichierDr. Marcel BOOGERS
Associate Professor afiliated with the School of Politics and Public Administration at Tilburg University. He has published extensively on local politics. His research interests involve local elites, local political parties, political cultures and central-local relations. Recently, he has been leading a research project on local voting behaviour and voter turnout in Dutch local elections.
Lien externe - Ouverture dans une nouvelle fenêtrehttp://bit.ly/h1hDGI

University de Tilburg
Faculty of Law
Tilburg school of politics and public administration
Postbus 90.153
5000 Le Tilburg

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Télécharger le fichierDr. Linze SCHAAP
Associate Professor at the School for Politics and Public Administration, Tilburg University, he previously worked at the Department of Public Administration, Erasmus University Rotterdam. He has published books and articles on the (im)possibilities of societal steering, sub-national government, citizen-government relations at the local level, and mayoral performance. Most of his recent research efforts have an international comparative perspective. He is co-ordinator of the EGPA permanent Study Group on Local Governance and Democracy. Between 1999 and 2005, he was a member of the Provincial Council of the Province of South Holland.

University de Tilburg
Faculty of Law
Tilburg school of politics and public administration
Postbus 90.153
5000 Le Tilburg

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Télécharger le fichierDr. Anna CHMIELARZ-GROCHAL
Doctor of Law from 2009 at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Lodz (Poland), assistant professor at the University of Lodz and Jan Długosz University in Częstochowa, specialist in constitutional law, including the law of local authorities. Author of the monograph on the legal function of the Constitution of 1997, as well as numerous articles on constitutional law. He is interested in national system of sources of constitutional law and local law. In addition the subject matter of her research are constitutional principles of local self-government and legislative procedures.

 Université de Lodz
Faculté de Droit et Administration
8/12, rue Kopcińskiego
90-232 LODZ

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Télécharger le fichierDr. Robert PYKA
Doctor of Sociology at the University of Silesia, and since 2012 Scientific Director of Institute of Sociology. He has a Masters in Sociology and a Masters in Political Science from the International School of Political Sciences (a branch of Sciences Po in Bordeaux in France). His research concentrates on problems of sociology and the anthropology of politics, especially focusing on issues connected with the future of the state and local structures from a globalization, metropolization and “governance” perspective. He has written several scientific articles. He is also an author of a book titled Globalization – Social Justice – Economic Effectiveness (University of Silesia Publisher, 2008) and co-author of Solution for Metropolis. Ideas and Social Expectations toward a Project of Forming Silesian – Zaglebian Metropolies (Katowice, 2010) as well as Entre la coopération et la concurrence. La gouvernance et le développement équilibré des espaces métropolitains français – conclusions pour la Pologne (Katowice, 2011). Since 2003 he has served as the Director of a House of Saint-Erienne in Katowice, a Polish-French institution dealing with international cooperation and Polish-French.

University of Silesia in Katowice
Institute of Sociology
Faculty of Social Sciences
11, Bankowa Street
1140-007 Katowice

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Télécharger le fichierPr. Carla AMADO GOMES
Assistant Professor at the Law Faculty of the University of Lisbon where she has been the Vice-Chair of the Institute for Legal Co-operation (since 2007) and of the Council on Fiscal Studies at the Institute for Political Studies (since 2009). She was the Vice-Dean of the Faculty in 2005-2006 and Associate –Judge at the Constitutional Court (1998-1999). Her publications include Administrative Law, Constitutional Law, Environment Law, Law on Cultural Heritage, on Education, European Union Law.

Instituto de Ciências Juridico-Politicas
Faculdade de Direito
Alameda da Universidade
Cidade Universitária
1649-014 Lisboa

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Télécharger le fichierDr. Petr JÜPTNER
Associate professor at the Institute of Political Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University in Prague, he is a researcher of projects of the Czech Science Foundation (2006-2008 Postdoctoral Grant “Europeanization of Czech Local Politics. Political Science Analysis of European Legislative Trends”, since 2010 “Instruments for amalgamation of fragmented local governments. Analysis of experiences and practice across European countries: references for Czech Republic.”). He is focused on local government and on problematic of direct mayor elections.

Univerzita Karlova v Praze
Fakulta socialnich ved
158 00 Praha 5
U Krize 8

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Télécharger le fichierPr. Ana RODICA STAICULESCU
Ana Rodica Stăiculescu graduated Philosophy at Bucharest University in 1980. She obtained her Ph.D. in Letters and Human Sciences (“Lettres et Sciences Humaines”) (Grade: “très honorable”- the highest grade) in Demography at University of Paris I – Panthéon-Sorbonne in1994. Between 1994 and 2003 she was a researcher at the National Institute of Demographic Studies (I.N.E.D.) – Paris. She started the teaching activities at Bucharest University, and was first appointed dean of the Faculty of Law at Ovidius University in 2003. She has participated in numerous research activities and continues to be an active presence at international and national conferences. In present she is a Professor at the OVIDIUS University of Constanta, the Faculty of Law, the Department of Administrative Sciences and a coordinator Professor for doctoral thesis in the field of Sociology at the Doctoral School of the University of Bucharest. Dr. Stăiculescu is an author and/or co-author of 19 books and academic courses and over 60 scientific communications and scientific articles, presented at various national and international events, and published in prestigious magazines. Her interest in the areas of Sociology, Public Administration and Demography has resulted in the participation in numerous international projects.

Université Ovidius
Faculté de droit et des sciences administratives
Centre des recherches pour les roits de l'homme et la non-discrimination
Akea Universitatü nr 1

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Télécharger le fichierPr. Emil BALAN
Professor and Vice Rector at the National School of Political Studies and Public Administration from Bucharest, he teaches Administrative Law, Financial Law, Administrative Procedure and Administrative Law of Goods. Professor and Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the National School of Political Studies and Public Administration in Bucharest, he teaches administrative law, financial law, administrative procedure and administrative law of goods. Presently, his main research interest is the right to a good administration and its impact on administrative procedures. Since 2009, he has been the elected President of the Romanian Institute of Public Law and Administrative Sciences and since 2008, he has been the founder and President of the Romanian Academic Society of Administrative Sciences.

Ecole nationale d'études politiques et d'administration publique
Faculté d'administration publique
6-8 Povernei St
Sector1, Cod010641

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Télécharger le fichierPr. Radu CARP
Professor, Faculty of Political Science, University of Bucharest. MA in European studies and international relations, Institut Européen des Hautes Etudes Internationales, Nice (1996). SJD, Comparative Constitutional Law, Faculty of Law, Babeş - Bolyai University of Cluj (2002). Representative of the University of Bucharest team part of the European research network Observatory on Local Autonomy, (2015 -). Member of the Executive Committee (2015 -) and of the Academic Council (207 - 2018) of the E.MA - European Master’s Degree in Human Rights and Democratization of the EIUC - European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democratization, Venice. Representative of the University of Bucharest in the research and teaching mobility project CIII-PL-0702-06-1718 - Ethics and Politics in the European Context, part of the CEEPUS III network, coordinated by The Catholic University John Paul II of the University of Lublin (2012 -).
Visiting Professor and Researcher: Universitá degli Studi Firenze (2015); Institut für Sozialethik, Universität Wien (2015);  Trnava University (2014); Umea University (2013); Charles University of Prague (2013); University of Szeged (2012); The Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto (2011); Mykolo Romerio Universitetas, Vilnius (2010); National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (2000). TMC Asser Institut, Den Haag (2002).
He published 15 books as author and co-author. Latest books: Politograma. Incursiuni în vocabularul democraţiei (Politograma. Travels into the vocabulary of democracy) - Institutul European, Iaşi, 2015; Dreptul public, perspectiva comparată şi analiza politică. O intersecţie necesară (The public law, the comparative perspective and the political analysis. A necessary crossroad) - Adenium, Iaşi, 2015. Articles and book chapters published in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Lithuania, Republic of Moldova, the Netherlands, USA.

 University of Bucharest

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Télécharger le fichierPr. Verginia VEDINAS
Doctor in law (1998) and in philosophy (2005), Ms. Verginia Vedinas is currently professor in public law and PhD coordinatorat the faculty of law of the university of Bucharest. Former Senator, Secretary of State and President of the Nationalagency of civil servants in Romania, she is a founding member  and President of the  Institute for administrative sciences “Paul Negulescu”, Secretary General of the editorial board of the Public Law Journal and member of the Romanian association of constitutional law. Doctor Honoris Causa, title awarded by the universityDanubiusof Galati, she also received the prize of the Union of legal experts for her work   “The ethics of public law ” (2007) and the degree of  “excellence “ for her contribution in the publication “The Constitution of Romania –comments on articles”  (2008).

Bucarest University - Law Faculty
Public Law Department
Mihail Kogălniceanu nr. 36-46, sector 5,
Bucureşti, România , CP. 05010

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Télécharger le fichierPr. Alistair COLE
Professor of Politics science in Cardiff School of European Studies. His research interest lies in the sphere of contemporary and comparative European politics and policy, with special (but not exclusive) reference to French and Franco-British comparisons. His most recent books include Governing and Governance in France (Cambridge University Press, 2008), Beyond Devolution and Decentralization: Building Regional Capacity in Wales and Brittany (Manchester University Press, 2006).

Cardiff University
Politics Department
School of European Studies
65-68 Park Place
Cardiff CF 103 AS
Wales UK

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Télécharger le fichierPr. Colin COPUS
Professor of local politics and Director of the Local Governance Research Unit in the Department of Public Policy, De Montfort University. His main research interests include local party politics, local political leadership, the changing role of the councillor and small party and independent politics. He also researches and writes on English national identity and English governance. He has recently concluded two major research projects : the first a Leverhulme funded project exploring the role and impact of small political parties, independent politics and political associations in local government ; the second, a Nuffield funded comparative project examining the roles, responsibilities and activities of councillors across Europe. Colin is the author of two major books : Leading the Localities : Executive Mayors in English Local Governance, Manchester University Press, 2006 and Party Politics and Local Government

De Monfort University
Department of public policy
Local governance research unit
The Gateway
Leicester LE1 9BH

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Télécharger le fichierDr. Gerard CONWAY

Dr. Gerard Conway is a senior lecturer in law at Brunel University London, from where he obtained his PhD degree. He previously graduated as a Barrister-at-Law at King’s Inns, Ireland, and obtained a Master of International & Comparative Law degree from the Uppsala University, Sweden, having studied Law and European Studies as an undergraduate at the University of Limerick, Ireland. He worked as legal trainee in the Legal Division of the Department of Foreign Affairs of Ireland (six months), as a judicial researcher in the Four Courts in Dublin (seven months), and as a legal researcher in the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions of Ireland (for nearly three years). His research is in the areas of legal reasoning, constitutional law of the EU, comparative public law, and European and international criminal law. Research based on his master’s degree was published in the European Journal of International Law and International Criminal Law Review. He is the author of The Limits of Legal Reasoning and the European Court of Justice (Cambridge University Press 2012, pp. xxiv + 308) and of EU Law (Routledge 2015, pp. 704) and of articles in European and international law journals. He is a member of the editorial board of the New Journal of European Criminal Law and contact point for Ireland of the European Criminal Law Academic Network.  He has previously been a visiting lecturer on the LL.M programme at the University of Buckingham, UK, and now works also as a sessional lecturer at Greenwich School of Management, London, UK. He has been a research visitor at several institutions, most recently at the Courts Centre of the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, and the Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law, Freiburg, Germany.

 Brunel University London
Brunel Law School
United Kingdom

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Télécharger le fichierPr. Deborah PEEL
(Scotland and Northern Ireland)
Professor of Planning Research and Scholarship, she is  a core member of the Built Environment Research Institute at the University of Ulster. Before she was an academic, she worked in local government. Her research interests include forms of modern governance, statutory land use planning, stakeholder engagement and public participation, and the integration of spatial planning into all areas of public policy.

University of Ulster
School of the Built Environment
Shore Road
Co. Antrim
BT37 0QB
Northern Ireland

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Télécharger le fichierDr Oxana CHERNENKO
Senior Lecturer, Department on Constitutional and Municipal Law, Faculty of Law, Adviser to the 1st Vice-Rector  of the National Research University – Higher School of Economics (Moscow, Russia),  she earned her Diploma of Specialist  in Law at the Moscow State University named after M.V.Lomonosov  and LL.M.  (University of Manchester, United Kingdom). O.Chernenko teaches Constitutional and  Municipal Law. Her research focuses on local governance issues and its contemporary models.  The current fieldwork concerns municipal education system and municipal social policy in education.  She serves as Executive Director of the Fund for Educational Innovations, the main objective of the Fund is to promote the process of improving the quality of educational programs, identifying and encouraging the best teaching staff, attracting the best undergraduate and post-graduate students to teaching, supporting innovative educational developments and spreading the best educational practices.

 Higher School of Economics
Faculty of Law
Department on Constitutional and Municipal Law

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Télécharger le fichierDonatella CASALE
PhD Candidate in Business Administration and Public Management at the University of Pisa, Department of Economics and Management, her doctoral research examines the factors affecting the implementation of anti-corruption Italian policies, at a sub-national level of government, from a public management perspective. She has been a visiting lecturer at the University of Potsdam in Germany and at the Quality of Government Institute at the Department of Political Science of the University of Gothenburg in Sweden. Donatella holds an MSc in Management and Business Administration from the University of Florence, where she studied  Business Ethics and served as the President of a local branch of the European Students' Forum (AEGEE) -one of Europe’s biggest interdisciplinary organizations located in Brussels- and was an elected member to the University's Equal Opportunities Committee. Prior to her present academic career, Casale worked as a Human Resources Project Assistant and as a Research and Management Analyst committed to carrying out research and benchmarking studies on business strategies and foreign markets for one of the Italians leading firms in the field of Business Process, Outsourcing, Monetics, Security and Back office for Banks, Industries and Public Administrations. 

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Télécharger le fichierDr. Jelena JERINIC
She is an Associate Professor at the School of Law, Union University in Belgrade, teaching Constitutional Law, Administrative Law and Local Self-government law. She has an LL.M. in Comparative Administrative Law and Good Governance on the Faculty of Law in Utrecht and received her PhD on the Faculty of Law, Union University in Belgrade in 2011 with a thesis on Judicial Review of Government in Domestic and Comparative Law.
By autumn 2006, she worked as the leader of the Advocacy team in the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities, a national association of local authorities.
She is a member of the Group of Experts for the Charter of Local Self-Government, the body of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe. Together with colleagues from the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities and PALGO center, she co-edits Polis, a journal for public policy.

 Union University


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Télécharger le fichierPr. Ludmila MALIKOVA
Professor of political science, she is the director of the Institute for Public Policy of Comenius University in Bratislava. Member of the editing board of the Slovak Sociological Review. National co-ordinator of the international project ‘Public sector innovation’ (5th European Framework program, EC, Brussels) from 2003 to 2006. Research fields : Regional and local policies, Post-communist transition in Central European countries, Local governance and administrative reforms, Perception on representative democracy at a local level.

Comenius University
Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences
Institute of Public Policies
Odbojarov 10/A
820 05 Bratislava

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Télécharger le fichierDr. Primož PEVCIN
Assistant Professor for Public Sector Economics at the Faculty of Administration, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, he has earned his bachelor, master and doctoral degrees in Economics at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Economics. His research interest is predominantly focused on economic analysis of government system, of politics and law in central government , as well as on business-government relations.

Univerza de Ljubljana
Fakulteta ZA Upravo
Gosarjeva ulica 5
SI 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia

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Télécharger le fichierPr. Stig MONTIN
Professor in political science, director of Örebro School of Public Affairs and research coordinator for Centre for Urban and Regional Studies (CUReS), Örebro University (www.oru.se). His main research fields and education include local and regional governance and democracy, and public administration in general.
Lien externe - Ouverture dans une nouvelle fenêtrehttp://www.oru.se/humus/stig_montin.

Örebro universitet
Centre for Urban and Regional Studies (CUReS)
Örebro Research School of Public Affairs
Akademin för humaniora, utbildning
och samhällsvetenskap (HumUS)
Örebro universitet
701 82

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Télécharger le fichierPr. Ulas BAYRAKTAR
Associate Professor of Political Science in the Public Administration Department of the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences at Mersin University in Turkey, Ulas Bayraktar obtained his doctorate from the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris. His research focuses on the decentralization reforms, local politics and local democracy, particularly in Turkey.

Mersin Universitesi
IIBF Kamu Yonetimi Böl. Ciftlikkoy

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