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Thibault Delavenne

OLA World team coordinator

Doctorant en droit public

Université de Lille

Short biography : I am analyzing the mutations of the french local public sector in regards to new public management models and the influence of European competition law. The main focus of my thesis is on the paradoxical effects of the in house jurisprudence (CJEC, 18 nov. 1999, Teckal, aff. C-107/98) on French local public corporations law, its discourses and its ideologies. This work put in perspective the ideological but hidden mechanisms lying the foundation of national and European public law. It deals on one part with how European actors create jurisprudential rules to limit the extent of their own interpretation of how the principles of competitive market affects public administrations. On the other hand, I study how local actors adapt to those unexpected paradoxical injunctions (principle and limits) through innovative strategies in order to stay true to their own previous discourses and rationality.

I also have a particular interest in comparative studies, with a particular onus on local government law. Those researches translate in studies of the global trends of transformation in local authorities, and the factors that can explain the differences and similarities found in many countries around the world. Those trends include the dissemination of the new public management model, the economic development-oriented strategies, the alternative democratization innovations, but also the translation and control of those trends in national jurisprudences.

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