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Friday 16 April 2021

Faculté de Droit
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Combining research teams and universities from 28 European Union member states—as well as from Albania, Iceland, Moldova, Montenegro, Norway, San Marino, Serbia, Russia, and Turkey—OLA's mission is to compare the institutional, political, and administrative framework of different regional and local government systems.

It also strives to extend this comparison to the way these systems actually work, in doing so highlighting the role of the “European citizen”.

This far-reaching and comparative approach will be put to work, first and foremost, as a way of establishing a tool for understanding these systems which can be used throughout Europe.

Furthermore, it will also be used to create a typology of regional and local government systems.

This research program is based on three scientific works of research:

- the “OLA website”, which examines every European local government system in an analytical and up-to-date fashion, with scientific studies that extend from the simplest overview to the most exhaustive, in-depth analysis;

- a series of seminars which allow the precise and comprehensive—but always comparative—inquiry into the issues and problems that concern local government, be they general or specific;

- and, by 2017, a collective book in the field of local comparative law, with the aim of determining the points of convergence and divergence of regional and local government systems.


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